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This is a place to get help, healing and miracles.

Get your Miracle Today is a Miracle and Healing Ministry devoted to signs, wonders, miracles and unlimited demonstration of the power of the True God
Get Your Miracle Today is an Online Ministry under the leadership of Dr. Ne Be.
GET YOUR MIRACLE TODAY is dedicated to help transform lives for the better through the power of effective prayers and unshakable faith in the FATHER.
We are committed to spreading the good news of Christ and providing information to help fellow believers grow in their faith.

This is where you come to get your miracle.

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Rev. Ne Be is a spiritual healer and coach, religious and spiritual researcher, ordained minister, published author and the founder of ‘Getyourmiracletoday’ which serves thousands of members and partners online worldwide. She was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree in 2014.

Ne Be started out struggling with continual lack, sickness, relationship issues, severe depression and was drowning in debt. She tried everything from the law of attraction to yoga but nothing seemed to work so she decided to find out the real cause of her sufferings and why her prayers were not answered.

She was on a mission, day and night she prayed, weeped, meditated, fasted, searched and researched for years until she was divinely revealed the real cause of sufferings on earth and the prayer formula that creates miracles.
She followed the divine prayer instructions and stood firm on The Father's promises with unshakable faith, and soon began to experience joy, peace, freedom, health, prosperity, love and abundance in every area of her life. She is a true inspiration to millions of people all over the world.

She has worked under the radar for many years but she was recently divinely ordered to step out from behind the scenes and take The Father's miracle-working power around the globe. Now her mission is to teach others how to pray effectively and stand on the Father's promises in order to receive blessings and miracles.

Her message is for those struggling and seeking to discover their purpose in life and receive The True God's abundant blessings in every area of their lives. It’s obvious that she understands, she can help because she’s been there, and she knows how to get out by discovering the real causes of sufferings, effective prayers and unshakable faith in The Father.
One of her unique gift is to be able to combine and compress huge wisdom into a simple format that people can accept, understand and use with immediate yet lasting results.

Get Your Miracle Today uses conferences, small group teaching, online spiritual coaching, lectures, spiritual workshops, social outlets and other media in order to share The Father's message with the public and to help people discover the real causes of their problems and difficulties and teach them how to pray effectively and stand on The True God's promises with unshakable faith to create healthier, happier and wealthier lives. The Ministry's resources, products and programs will help you create a life filled of blessings and miracles.

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Expect Your Miracle Today

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