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3 Steps to Answered Prayers

#1 - Stay Calm

When you prepare to pray, you must first keep the body still and calm and the eyes closed and remove all attention from the world around and avoid conflicts in the mind. When the body is stilled and the door of the senses closed to the objective world, it is easier to connect with the Universal Power.

#2 - Ask

God is Spirit; and the Best way to communicate with Spirit is through your thoughts, images and feelings. You think, imagine and feel and Spirit reads your mind. Prayer should be direct and specific, and should be accompanied by a positive receptivity.

#3 - Hold your "Prayer Picture" in your mind

You must keep your request alive within yourself by holding your "Prayer Picture" in your mind.

Here's an easy way to hold your prayer picture in your mind:
Suppose you have an urgent need to go to the store, to church or the office...etc.
When you step out of the house, you naturally have a picture, sound or feeling in mind.
1• It may be a picture of the front or the inside of the store, office or church building.
2• It may be the sounds of people's voice inside the store,office or church.
3• It may be the feeling of yourself walking through the store's doors or touching the produce inside the store.
It is this picture in your mind that takes you to your destination. Otherwise you would not know where you were going, you would keep driving or riding the bus, go to another city or even go to another state.
But the picture in your mind keeps you focus until you get to your destination.

Like when you are reminding yourself to do an easy task; one you enjoy doing and always get done such as:
“oh I must take a shower”
“oh I must get my phone from the car”
“oh I must put the dishes in the dishwasher”
“oh I must finish reading that book”

Observe Yourself - See how you think.
What pictures are you seeing in your mind.
What are you hearing yourself or others say.
What are you feeling yourself or others doing.
See, hear and feel yourself, your heart rate, your eyes movement, your body movements etc.

Now use the same technique for the thing or condition we are praying for:
"oh I must be healed"
"oh I must be healthy"
"oh I must be confident"
"oh I must have a new job"
"oh I must have this job"
"oh I must have a new companion"
"oh I must have a good husband"
"oh I must have a good wife"
"oh I must have this house"
"oh I must be successful"
"oh I must be happy"
"oh I must own my own home"
"oh I must have a good relationship with ..?"
"oh I must have business success"
"oh I must have a successful business
"oh I must make that $100,000 a year"
"oh I must have my own successful business"
"oh I must be sober"
"oh I must be free"

Remember to:
Only use images, words, feelings and ideas that make sense to you, to your mind and to your soul.
Keep it short. Use a single phrase, a single act, a single picture, a single feeling.
Experiment and figure out what works for you; what feels right and natural to you.

Repeat this process many times a day.
The more you hold onto your “Prayer Picture” the sooner your prayer will be answered.

Want your answer very fast?....Stay Connected

When you stay connected to source, the Holy Spirit governs your life. You have the power to overcome any influences in your life. To be connected with the Divine you must replace the negative emotions with energies of acceptance, kindness, joy, generosity, gratitude, forgiveness, cheerfulness, faith, hope, patience, sympathy and love.

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